Researchers Steve Jacobsen and University of New Mexico seismologist Brandon Schmandt say that the ingredients for water are concealed deep within rock in the Earth’s mantle, may very well represent the planet’s largest water reservoir. The deep pockets of magma located about 400 miles beneath North America are a sign of water. Their findings are built upon a discovery reported this past March in the journal Nature in which scientists discovered a piece of the mineral ringwoodite inside a diamond brought up from a depth of 400 miles by a volcano in Brazil. That tiny piece of ringwoodite – the only sample in existence from within the Earth – contained a surprising amount of water bound in solid form in the mineral. Continue reading for more information.

Here’s what Jacobsen has to say:

Whether or not this unique sample is representative of the Earth’s interior composition is not known, however, now we have found evidence for extensive melting beneath North America at the same depths corresponding to the dehydration of ringwoodite, which is exactly what has been happening in my experiments.


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