EHANG 184 Passenger Drone

The EHANG 184 passenger drone has successfully completed its first test flights, and both were captured on video. Just to recap, this manned drone is all-electric and boasts a fully-redundant system ensures that if any of the four-armed craft’s eight propellers were to malfunction, it can still get you back down on the ground safely. It’s capable of taking off and landing vertically, has a maximum flying altitude of over 1,500 feet, and can run for up to 23 minutes at 62 mph. Continue reading for the Dubai test flight video and more information.

“It’s cabin is built using a composite material with carbon fiber and epoxy, while other components are crafted from an aluminum alloy, and you control the entire thing via a touchscreen interface that’s as simple as dropping a couple pins on Google Maps. It’s currently in testing, but Ehang has every intention of bringing it to market, so we’ll probably see one flying around long before we lay eyes upon an airborne DeLorean,” reports Uncrate.