Elvis Presley Today

Photo credit: Sachs Media | Phojoe via Bored Panda

Thanks to advances in photo age progression software and the skill of digital artists, Sachs Media Group has put together a series showing how many well-known late celebrities would look if they were alive today. Starting off we have Elvis Presley, a pioneer of rockabilly, an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusion of country music and rhythm and blues. With a series of successful network television appearances and chart-topping records, he became the leading figure of the newly popular sound of rock and roll. Continue reading for more.

10. Bob Marley

Bob Marley Today

9. Kurt Cobain

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8. Janis Joplin

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7. Bobby Darin

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6. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix Today

5. John Lennon

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4. Keith Moon

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3. Dennis Wilson

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2. Karen Carpenter

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1. Jim Morrison

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