Kyoto Airship

Unlike other private jets, the Embraer Kyoto Airship – based on the Embraer Lineage 1000E aircraft – includes ubiquitous body-length windows that arch 180° around the fuselage, providing plenty of natural light, as well as a lounge-style layout. You’ll also find a spa-inspired bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, master bedroom suite, and a cutting edge entertainment system. Continue reading for more private jets that take luxury to the next level.

3. Haeco Xiao Yao Boeing Business Jet 2

Haeco Private Jet Solutions, a China-based design firm, has unveiled a private-jet interior inspired by the ancient philosophy of feng shui, which celebrates harmony between people and their environment. The Xiao Yao is based on the Boeing Business Jet 2, which features 1,025-square-feet of cabin space with which to work. The cabin’s normal straight lines have been replaced by a free-flowing layout, with the living spaces connected by a curved walkway that symbolizes a meandering stream. The serene interior uses lots of natural woods, and the color palette draws from nature as well.

2. Greenpoint’s 787 Azure

Greenpoint’s $250-million Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner private jet, called “Azure”, stretches 184-feet from end to end and 18 feet across. The main area sports an open living space with an entertainment lounge, a bar, and a formal dining room. A master suite and private office are located in the forward section of the aircraft, while two mini-suites in the aft provide guest accommodations.

1. Airbus ACJ319 with Vintage Train Interior

The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre, in Toulouse, France, has created a custom ACJ319 jet for a company in Asia. Featuring five individual mini-suites, each with their own storage spaces, that evoke the coziness of a vintage-train cabin. Its wide main lounge adjoins a separate parlor where 2-passengers can share a widescreen movie. Last, but not least, the master bedroom offers an en suite bathroom with a square shower, a private office and two VIP seats separated by a low table.