Impossible Bike

Three Chilean engineering students have unveiled Yerka, a bike that claim is “unstealable”. Unlike other bicycles, the bottom tube of the frame can be split into two parts and wrapped around a pole. Then, it’s secured to the pole or tree using the seat post to connect the arms, and locked shut. The company is currently working on prototypes that will connect combination locks to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Expect to pay $400 – $1000 for the Yerka when it’s released next year. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Remember how people used to open those ubiquitous cylinder locks with a Bic pen? Any lock can be picked and the bike stolen. Over at BikeRumor, the one bike site that I have seen cover this, a commentator noted that one good kick on that seat post and it will be dented, making the bike unrideable for the owner as well,” says Lloyd Alter, the managing editor at the website TreeHugger.