Battery-Powered Helicopter

While it looks like something from a sci-fi film, Snowstorm is a real flying machine created by engineering students from the National University of Singapore. This one-person helicopter of sorts capable of carrying one pilot weighing up to 154-pounds for five minutes. It’s main component is a lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum frame in a hexagon shape supported by Kevlar rope. Powering the craft’s 24 motors, each one driving a 76 centimeter, 2.2kW propeller, are three rechargeable lithium batteries. In the center, the pilot is secured by a five-point safety harness, with a six-legged seat equipped with inflatable balls to ensure a soft landing. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Pilots can control the thrust, pitch, roll, and yaw of the machine, as well as selecting an automated flight mode so they can sit back and relax while the Snowstorm carries them away. A separate switch on the ground can be used to end the flight and ground the craft if the pilot loses control,” reports Inhabitat.

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