Escobar Fold 2 Samsung Galaxy
Tech reviewer Marques Brownlee wanted to see what the hype about the Escobar Fold 1 smartphone was about, so he ordered one. Unfortunately it never arrived, and the same could be said when he ordered the Escobar Fold 2. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Marques Tweeted that both smartphones never arrived, and that night, an Escobar Fold 2 showed up at his doorstep. Read more to see what he discovered after using it for a while.

If you put the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Escobar Fold 2 side-by-side, you’ll realize that the only difference between the two is the golden cover on the latter. Once you remove the gold foil that covers the back and the side, a Samsung logo magically appears. Now the main issue is that the Samsung Galaxy Fold retails for nearly $2,000 and the other just $399, so we’re not sure how it works for someone who isn’t a famous YouTuber.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Factory Unlocked Cell Phone |US Version - Single SIM | 256GB of Storage | Folding Glass Technology | Long-Lasting Battery | Mirror Black
  • Changing the shape of the future: Galaxy Z Flip is an expansive new smartphone experience with completely reimagined compact engineering and revolutionary folding glass technology in your pocket.
  • From palm to pocket: Easy to fold, easy to hold, Galaxy Z Flip’s sleek Compact-Fold design flips closed for pocket-sized portability. Slip the cell phone into a pocket or bag and go.
  • Beauty is in the hand of the beholder. Galaxy Z Flip's unique folding form factor is enhanced with an impossible-to-ignore, eye catching exterior in your choice of stunning hues.
  • Transform the way you capture: Galaxy Z Flip’s breakthrough camera lets you shoot, stream and connect hands-free from new angles. With ramped up night shots, high-definition 4K video capture and wide-angle perspectives, you can share your world whenever and wherever you are.
  • Bend your imagination: Galaxy Z Flip's Infinity Flex Display is an immersive Dynamic AMOLED screen delivering incredible color quality. With minimized bezels and no notch, it's 6.7 inches of stunning cinematic viewing.