EverBlock LEGO Bricks

Forget building miniature toy sets, the EverBlock system lets you use life-sized LEGO bricks to build real desks, tables and more. With four different stackable pieces – a full-sized 12″ brick, a half-sized 6″ brick, a one-quarter-sized 3″ block, and a 12″ finishing cap, you can create build practical objects that not only look cool, but are structurally sound, without the use of any tools. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

EverBlock LEGO

“EverBlock founder and LEGO enthusiast Arnon Rosan came up with idea after his young son wondered about the possibility of a material that could not only be used to make life-sized items, but could also be disassembled and changed at will. Rosan’s answer was to supersize his childhood miniature blocks into jumbo bricks that can be used for large-scale projects, and then be broken down again into reusable, transportable, basic units,” said My Modern Met.

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