Parallel Universe

Scientists may be on the verge of proving the existence of a parallel universe with the discovery of a mysterious ‘cold spot’. This mysterious patch of space, first spotted by the NASA WMAP satellite in 2004, is part of the radiation that was thought to have been produced during the formation of the universe some 13-billion years ago. However, research conducted by Professor Tom Shanks from Durham University proposes that the Cold Spot was formed when universes collided. “Perhaps the most exciting of these is that the Cold Spot was caused by a collision between our universe and another bubble universe. If further, more detailed, analysis…proves this to be the case then the Cold Spot might be taken as the first evidence for the multiverse,” said Shanks. Continue reading for another video on parallel universes and more information.

“The Guardian explains an infinite number of universes make up a multiverse; each having its own reality different from ours. These scientists say they’ve ruled out the last-ditch optical illusion idea. Instead, they think our universe may have collided with another in what described as something like a car crash; the impact could have pushed energy away from an area of space to result in the Cold Spot,” reports Inhabitat.


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