Would you rather spend $310,000 on a brand new home, or the Vertu Signature “Cobra” phone. Yes, they actually made a gemstone encrusted “Cobra” phone. More after the jump.

Vertu Signature “Cobra” Phone

File this under: “Strange Cell Phones” At $310,000, the Vertu Signature “Cobra” is encrusted with “precious gemstones — one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond two emerald eyes and 439 rubies.” Here’s what Paul of engadget has to say:

We can only take solace in the fact that only 8 of these Signature Cobra phones will be made by Vertu and its partner in crime, French jeweler Boucheron. There’s also a “cheap” version, the $115k Signature Python, which is due for a production run 26 strong, but if you’re actually going to spring for something this ridiculous, why not go all the way, right?

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$765 USB Drive

File this under: “Strange USB Devices” Not only does this USB drive cost a hefty $765, it’s “stylized with crystals from Statsuma Kiriko in Japan” and features snazzy gold casing. Plus, you also get 2GB of storage for all your files.

“Bling,” as I understand it, is a slang term for flashy jewelry with diamonds and other such valuables on it. I don’t know for sure, as I’m not “from the streets” or “down” with the “kids.” Perhaps if I drop some “duckets” on this fancy USB drive I will become more hip and with it


$85,700 Office-on-Wheels

That’s right, car builder Edd China has created the world’s fastest office desk. It’s powered by a Rover 100 engine and is capable of speeds of up to 87mph.

As the NASCAR-like decals indicate, the £45,000 ($85,700) mobile office (dubbed the “hot-desk”) was originally built for a stationary firm, and comes complete with a keyboard steering wheel, mousepad horn, briefcase-based controls, and even a working computer and water cooler


$23,000 Ivory Cell Phone

Limited to just six handcrafted units, this ivory cell phone is priced at a whopping $23,000.

The ivory, harvested from Elephant, Mammoth(?) and camel teeth, taking three engravers over 3 months to make. So go for it, Paris. The rest of us will just have to settle for papier-mâché’ing our RAZRs, I guess

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$130,000 Keymat YALOS Diamond LCD

That’s right, Keymat ‘s YALOS Diamond LCD TV costs a whopping $130,000. It features “white gold plating and at least 160 diamonds totaling to a minimum of 20 carats.” [Source]