When is a speaker not just a speaker? When it costs $20,000, has built-in Wi-Fi, and stands 47-inches tall. Find that and more in this list.

$20,000 Ferrari Art.Engine Speaker

David Weiner Ventures and Ferrari have teamed up to produce a limited edition (1000) speaker. It features integrated Wi-Fi, has a frequency range of 40Hz, stands 47-inches tall, and boasts line-out to connect other devices (media players, etc.). Unfortunately, style comes at a price, $20,000 to be exact. [Source]

JBL’s $30,000 “Mt. Everest” Speaker System

At 8 x 18.5 x 44-inches and 313-pounds, JBL’s “Mt. Everest” speaker system packs a 500W punch, along with a $30,000 price tag. More information here.

I guess that if you really, really want to impress your houseguests at your next gathering and you just need to crank your music up to 11, these can’t be beat


$3,995 Triode-Tube iPod Speakers

If you’ve ever wanted a $3,999.95 speaker system for your iPod than look no furthur. Hammacher Schlemmer’s “Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers” are the world’s first tube-based iPod speakers. This system includes an aluminum encased amplifier with four Class-A tubes that produce virtually distortion free low-octave sound. It also features matching double-cone, full-range speakers, a second audio-in port (for connecting your CD player, satellite radio, etc.), two highly-insulated 13′ triple-core speaker cables, and an RCA cable. Available for purchase now from Hammacher Schlemmer. Source: [GadgetReview via Gizmodo]

$3,700 SoundArt Canvas Speakers

If you want to combine art and technology into one device, SoundArt has the answer in its stylish canvas speakers. Featuring one or two canvas speakers, a subwoofer, and your choice of canvas print. One potential drawback, it costs $3700.

…just hang on your wall, plug in your music source and enjoy the space around you. From music to movies the audio options are endless. Almost any audio source can be played through it – your Hi-Fi, iPod, DVD, CD or use the output on your AV system.