Terrafugia TF-X Flying Car

The Federal Aviation Administration has just approved Terrafugia’s TF-X flying car for testing. With enough space for 4 adults, it drives like a normal hybrid, with the wings neatly tucked away in a compartment located above the rocker panels for easy parking. Once ready to fly, the wings deploy in seconds at the push of a button, and two electric motors linked to a pair of propellers join forces to generate a megawatt of power, enabling it to take off vertically, eliminating the need for a runway. A 300HP gasoline engine kicks in once the vehicle reaches altitude to complement the electric motors as well as top up the battery pack. Its propellers fold out of the way past a certain speed, and the thrust is generated by a large rear-mounted fan. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for five most popular viral videos today, including one of a hacker who built a self-driving car in his garage.

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