Earthquake-Proof Bed

Photo credit: Daily Mail

You never know when the next big earthquake could happen, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This new “anti-earthquake bed” is definitely fit for the job. Simply put, the sensor-equipped mattress automatically lowers itself into a protective chamber and then sealed with a lid, when an earthquake is detected. In case you’re in need of nourishment, there’s ample space on the bottom for supplies, including water, food, medical kits and even tools. Continue reading to see one version of the actual bed.

“When the earthquake hits, this mattress is seen being dropped by a hinged mechanism, while the lid of the box closes above it, sealing the occupant inside. The second design, instead, drops the user through what resembles a trap door. The hinge is in the center of the bed, rather than the side, so the mattress drops flat to the bottom of the box, rather than tipping the sleeper out,” reports Mail Online.

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