Famed director James Cameron is set to relive his record-breaking journey to the bottom of the Mariana Trench inside a ’43-inch diameter steel ball’ in next month’s National Geographic magazine. He says that “all things could go wrong before the descent, but on the day of the dive, [his] apprehension was replaced by ‘childlike excitement’. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

The cramped pilot’s chamber, into which he was crammed ‘like a walnut in its shell’, was not claustrophobic, but ‘snug and comforting. I feel surprisingly calm. I am wrapped in the sub, a part of it and it a part of me, an extension of my ideas and dreams. As co-designer, I know its every function and foible intimately.

‘There’s no apprehension at this point, only determination to do what we came out here for, and childlike excitement for what’s ahead,’ says Cameron. He spent about three hours at the bottom of the ocean off the island of Guam, the deepest-known part of any ocean in the world. He shot some 3-D video during the dive, but admitted afterwards it was difficult to see much in the murky depths from his vantage point inside Deepsea Challenger.



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