Reactor 360 House

Photo credit: Richard Barnes & Dora Somosi via Colossal

Unlike other homes, ReActor, by artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley, is a 360° rotating home, measuring 44-feet by 8-feet, that balances on a single 14-foot tall concrete column. Its movements are caused by its inhabitants, as well as outside forces, such as wind. The symmetrical timber structure has been divided in half, with each artist getting their own living quarters, while a shared bathroom is positioned at the center. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

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Walking and spinning

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“Floor-to-ceiling glazing provides little privacy, while the design also includes two external balconies – one for each artist at each end of the structure. ‘ReActor’ is part of the architecture OMI exhibition ‘Wood: From Structure to Enclosure,'” reports Design Boom.

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