Most computer cases are boring, but these five are not. You’ll see some amazing work, ranging from Matrix Rebirth 8.0 to the Ammo Case PC. View them all after the jump.

5. Skeleton

This “Skeleton Case Mod” by Bryant Baker of Roswell, Georgia features an ASUS M2NPV-VM mainboard w/AMD 64 Athlon 3500+ Socket AM2 CPU, 1GB of DDR2-667 RAM, 300GB HDD, and lots of copper tubing.

This mod is made of bronze-brazed, hammer-beaten copper. The drives’ support is a hammer-beaten and bronze-brazed silver-plated skull. The skull and face suspended from the spine that frame in the DVD writer and 300GB hard drive are made from silver-plated bowls purchased at a junk store. When the DVD writer or hard drive power up or go into “seek” mode, the skull face jiggles


4. Temple of Nod

Created by Edvuld, this Command & Conquer-inspired case mod features a 2.3-GHz AMD 2500+ processor, 1GB of Corsair 3200XL memory, Lite-On 3540A DVD-writer, 120GB SATA HDD, custom-molded case, and lots of LED lighting. One more picture after the jump.[Source]

3. Battlefield 2142

This Battlefield 2142 case mod by “Butterkneter” not only looks amazing, but has the performance to go along with it. Featuring an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ processor, 2GB of Corsair TwinX memory, a 200GB Seagate ST3200827AS hard drive, and a military-themed Typhoon Motion-Cam. A word from its creator:

Having worked with EA to produce some mods to promote the previous version of Battlefield, I was keen to hook up with those guys again to do something around the new release of the game, 2142. EA asked me to put together mods of the same design, and today I’m presenting one of them to you


2. Ammo Case PC

Another Yoshi DeHerrera creation, this PC is actually built into a “7.62 mm, 200-round surplus ammunition case.”

At first I wanted it to be a hard-core gaming rig, but a gaming PC needs to be full-size, so I decided to make it a portable file server instead. An ammo-can PC would be perfect for MP3-swapping parties

1. Matrix Rebirth 8.0

This “Matrix” case mod by Paul Capello features an Epia M10000 motherboard, a sculpted fetus sitting inside an $8 champagne glass, USB 128-bit encryption biometric fingerprint scanner, and two VFD displays.

The Matrix case mod looks like Morpheus took an overdose of red and blue pills and puked it all up onto someone’s PC. It’s as disturbing as it is tacky too – there’s an onyx orgy of H.R. Giger goo surrounding a fetus, yes, an actual moving mechanical fetus