Interactive installations could be the future of games, music and more. Check out five of the coolest that our editor have come across in recent time.


Created by Jin-Yo Mok, the “SoniColumn” is an “interactive sound installation that can be played by a person’s touch.” Video after the jump.

Grids of LEDs installed inside the column light themselves on by the users’ touch and emit unique sounds. When a user cranks the handle, the column slowly rotates itself and plays the light patterns of the user’s touch


Interactive Space Invaders

Douglas Edric Stanley created this nifty interactive installation that allows anyone to play the classic Space Invaders game, using their body.

De Pong Game

De Pong Game is an interactive gaming installation — designed by Arjan Westerdiep — that explores augmented reality “by using and interacting with urban architectures [buildings] as background for the game.”

Thus the game is projected on a building and the limits of that building are becoming the limits of the game area. The ball projected on the building bounces along the limits of the walls. The software is also using the windows as an obstacles for the game


Mossalibra is basically “an interactive game installation, operated solely by intuitive human gestures” — “while dancing to surrounding music, the user (represented in pixelated form as a pure gesture) can mimic a given set of gestures in order to gain points.”

Its boundaries are fuzzy and blend with the club’s social space to become an integral part of the club’s active environment. Since Mossalibra is composed mostly from its previous players’ gestures, it keeps changing over time, always attentive to the changing mood in the club

Roy Block

Created by Sebastian Schmieg, Roy Block is basically “an experiment, sort of game, with a tangible interface that touches the field of mixed reality.”

The player has two small wooden blocks, in each hand one. Pressed on the screen they are being recognised by the game and the heroine can jump on them. To make the game even more challenging there are hazardous flower-like enemies who try to destroy the heroine when she comes too close