Speakers may be good when listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, but they don’t have to look boring.

20,000-Watt Snow Speakers

A group of Michigan Technological University students built an impressive sound system using 9 Behringer EP2500’s, 1 Crown XLS602, and lots of snow.

..which to us normal, snowman-making guys is over 20,000 watts in amplification. But yeah, that low-wattage Bose system you just bought is still really nice


SoundArt Canvas Speakers

If you want to combine art and technology into one device, SoundArt has the answer in its stylish canvas speakers. Featuring one or two canvas speakers, a subwoofer, and your choice of canvas print. One potential drawback, it costs $3700.

…just hang on your wall, plug in your music source and enjoy the space around you. From music to movies the audio options are endless. Almost any audio source can be played through it – your Hi-Fi, iPod, DVD, CD or use the output on your AV system.


Star Wars TIE Fighter Speakers

Created by Question Mark Entertainment, this nifty TIE Fighter speaker system would go well with your R2-D2 iPod dock. Unfortunately, pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

We have no idea what sort of drivers are in these two, dare we say, satellite speakers and their accompanying subwoofer, but if looks could kill, our Death Star would be completely exploding just about now


Foldable Apple Speakers

At $16, this apple-shaped gadget folds out to reveal a set of speakers and an iPod cradle/stand. It’s powered by 4 x AAA batteries and compatible with any audio device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. [Source]

Rubik’s Cube Speaker

This Rubik’s Cube Speaker connects to virtually any audio source and boasts LEDs that synchronize to your music. It’s basically a “250-watt speaker and lamp rolled into one.” Best of all, this stylish accessory is priced at just $43.

It doesn’t look to be functional, so you’ll have the frustration of having a puzzle sitting in your living room that can never be solved. I guess you could rearrange the colored bulbs in it to solve it, but that seems as unsatisfying as just moving the stickers around on a real cube

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A Real Woofer

Buro Vormkrijgers — of Pong Clock fame — presents his latest creation, a bizarre headless dog speaker. It’s available in either a single woofer configuration or dual stereo (pair).

“Woofer » this is functional kitsch; the wrong becomes the new right, for those among us who like having a little outrageous kitsch in their contemporary interiors.”

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iPod Chair Man Speakers

Even your iPod needs to kick back in a lounge chair once in a while, that’s why a Japanese company has created the “Chair Man” portable speakers. The “Chair Man” comes in three different colors, black (BI-SPCHAIR/BK), blue (BI-SPCHAIR/B), and pink (BI-SPCHAIR/P). There are two 50mm diameter speakers built-in to the feet while the arms/legs can be moved freely to secure your iPod. Its speakers have playback frequency of 200Hz – 28kHz and are powered by a single AAA battery or AC. A stereo-mini jack input can be found on the side which is used to connect your iPod.