Yes, all five of these CG shorts were produced by fans and not by the big studios. View them all after the jump.

5. Animation vs. Animator II

Ok, so you’ve seen part one, now check out Animation vs. Animator Part Deux, by Alan Becker. This sequel definitely does the original justice.

4. Esc

Similar to animation vs. animator, “Esc” by Justin has 3D characters come to life in a computer desktop — very impressive to say the least.

Inside a 3D program a mouse cursor creates a 3-dimensional character that comes to life after an unknown error in the program and gets into a journey across the computer desktop

3. Wii Animation

This amazing fan-made Wii animation was created by Super78 and basically shows what happens when Nintendo “beefs up their Wiimote straps.” A short word from Super78’s Creative Director:

I must admit at one point when we were outpacing most of the Superbowl spots [online] we had this fantasy that someone was going to call from Nintendo or some where and make us an offer but that never happened


2. Robot Wars

Created by the guys over at Cee-Gee, this amazing CG robot flick attempts to create World War II, but with robots.

1. Haloid

Created by Monty of GT, this incredible “Haloid” CG flick is basically a mashup of several characters from popular gaming franchises, like Samus (Metroid) and Master Chief (Halo).


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