So you’ve seen the Pleo, Flamosapien, and other robots, but can they transform? The “Mighty Morphin Rayered-X” sure can..and lots more as well.

Mighty Morphin Rayered-X

Rayered-X (pronounced Layered-X) is an innovative robot with four extremeties – each consisting of seven servos – that give it 28 degrees of freedom. It sports a custom aluminum frame, is 50 cm tall and weighs around 8 pounds. Unfortunately, it only placed 24th during the “Demonstration” phase of the Robo-One competition.

“At first it looks like a short tower, then becomes a carousel, then a walking spider, then into a tall biped battle robot. It can even transform an arm into a new leg and keep on fighting.”


King Kizer

Rayered-X and OmniZero.2 weren’t the only cool robots at Robo-One 9. Add King Kizer to the list, this bot can track and hit opponents with great accuracy — along with jumping rope.

Knife Blade Robot

This interesting robot — from Robo-One 9 — is equipped with two knife blades. Unfortunately, it’s not battling against a comparable bot — what a match it would’ve been.

“Still, it’s not that unusual to find a Robo-One robot equipped with a couple of knife blades that scaled up to life size would be close to samurai sword length.”



This exciting match took place during the Robo-One competition — held in Tokyo on March 18 – 19. OmniZero.2 was crowned the new champion.

“Check out the moves he has: the body slam, the reverse body slam, the crouching jab, the double windmill.”

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