How about a table saw that automatically stops when it detects your finger(s) is too close? You’ll find that gadget and more in this cool list. Vote for your favorites.

BEAR – The Rescue Bot

BEAR (Battlefield Extraction and Retrieval Robot) was designed specifically to “find, pick up and rescue people in harm’s way”. Basically, a humanoid robot that can do what humans can’t: “lift heavy loads and carry them long distances”.

The BEAR is currently in proof-of-concept development stage. A prototype of the BEAR robot has been built and outfitted with a powerful torso and arms, together with a Segway-like dynamic balancing system on two wheels



SawStop is a revolutionary new table saw that immediately stops when it hits skin — using “an elaborate system that detects the inherent electrical charge in the human body and stops the blade within 1/200th of a second by jamming a block of aluminum into it.”

Like an airbag, this isn’t something you want to test, as once it hits the brakes you’ll need to replace the entire braking system, which would be a pain to be sure, but much less annoying than trying to open a jar with two fingers


Yamaha’s Motorcycle Airbag

Finally, a motorcycle airbag that actually protects your crotch. That’s right, the Yamaha ASV-3 — multi-chambered airbag — was designed to fit in between your legs and is located underneath the seat — protecting your prized posessions in case of an accident.

We’re just glad to see that somebody is working to solve the “crotch + 60 mph + handlebars = pain” equation.



The iBreath connects to any iPod and detects “your blood alchohol content level, accurate to within 0.01 BAC.” Plus, it doubles as an FM wireless transmitter.

Just fold out the BAC blow wand and exhale into it for a full 5 seconds. 5 seconds later, this jail-saving gizmo let’s you know if you’re safe to drive. It even houses a timer that can be set from 1 minute up to 4 hours in order to remind you when it’s time for the next test

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Bright Walk

There’s a good reason why these shoes are called “Bright Walk“, built-in Piezo-electric sensors convert the impact from running or walking into static energy which than power electro luminescent polymers to produce light.

“Besides its aesthetic contribution to the fashion scene (for including functional lighting), it addresses the added value of Safety for the runners.”