Never fall asleep in English class again, with the MP3 player pocket dictionary. Continue reading to view five geeky gadgets that every college students, or so we think.

Cup Noodles Cap with Timer

Priced at an affordable $9, this “Cup Noodles Cap with Timer” allows users to select from 3/4/5 minute cooking intervals and whether you want the noodles al dente (-20 seconds) or well done (+20 seconds). It measures 22 x 90mm and is available now in Japan. [Source]

Fully Automated Dorm Room

Though not really a gadget, this would be a nice addition to any college dorm room. Two students from MIT have created the world’s first fully automated dorm room, featuring web control, voice activation, security system, large continuously running information displays, electric blinds, and one-touch parties. [Source]

MP3 Player Pocket Dictionary

Merriam-Webster unveils the MWD-480, an electronic dictionary that doubles as a music player. It features an SD card slot, 119MB internal memory, USB 2.0 connectivy, full QWERTY keypad, and 274,000 definitions. [Source]

Thanko Morse Code USB Drive

Worried that someone might steal your important data, look no furthur than Thanko’s Morse Code USB drive. Available in 512MB ($59) or 1GB ($85) capacities, it requires the user to enter a password via the integrated number pad — if entered correctly, you’ll be prompted for yet another password by the software (Windows/Mac), before gaining access to the stored data. [Source 12]


At just 12-pounds, Sinclair’s A-Bike is the world’s lightest folding bike and can be folded or unfolded in just 10-seconds.

Despite the tiny wheels, the bike can achieve normal speeds without forcing you to pedal like a madman. The completely enclosed chain system means that your pants cuffs won’t have the telltale grease marks of a bicycle commuter, also

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