Why just wear shoes when you can load them up with your favorite tunes? That’s not the only geeky pair you’ll find in the list. Continue reading to view them all.

Bright Walk

There’s a good reason why these shoes are called “Bright Walk”, built-in Piezo-electric sensors convert the impact from running or walking into static energy which than power electro luminescent polymers to produce light.

“Besides its aesthetic contribution to the fashion scene (for including functional lighting), it addresses the added value of Safety for the runners.”


Keyboard Shoes

These geeky keyboard shoes were unveiled at the “14th China International Clothing and Accessories Fair” in Beijing.

“The computer keyboard shoes displayed above have just won the top prize in the sports category at the 6th Hong Kong Footwear Design Contest.”


MP3 Shoes

Dada introduces a new line of footwear called “Code M” which feature a wireless music system. Each shoe will include an integrated MP3 player (in the heel and tounge) that delivers music to a wireless headset. You can store up to 100 songs and easily transfer files via USB port – located on its side. Fully charged, you’ll get six hours of continuous play

High-Tech North Face Endurus XCR Boa Shoes

Gizmodo demonstrates The North Face’s Endurus XCR Boa trail running shoes, which sports a “lacing system that lets you tie your shoes by turning a special knob, dialing in an even and reproducible tightness that can’t come loose.”

…relatively light at about 16 ounces each, and they’re made of waterproof Gore-Tex which is breathable but keeps those feet dry


Powered Shoes

Developed by Hiroo Iwata, Hiroshi Tomioka and Hiroaki Yano (University of Tsukuba), these “Powered Shoes”” are “mounted on top of a set of three motorized rollers” and “connected by cable to a computer on the user’s back.”

The fun doesn’t end there. The computer is also connected to a virtual reality helmet worn by the participant. So little to no room is needed to truly experience a virtual reality world where you can walk around anywhere


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