You might’ve played some of these classic games on your television and/or in the arcade, but now check out the human-powered versions.

Punch Out

This real life “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” skit comes complete with live band, costumes, and props — follow up to the real life Super Mario Bros.

Street Fighter

File this under: “Real-Life Gaming Spoofs” If they made another Street Fighter movie, we could only hope it’s as interesting as this skit.


Students from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts made this short Super Mario Bros. skit which supposedly recreates a level from the actual game.


File this under: “Strange Pong Creations” A group of Pong fans have recreated the classic game “at the donauinsel in Vienna.” Watch after the jump.[Source]


Researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed a mixed-reality version of the classic Pac Man game — by “tracking objects in the real world and overlaying 3D models on top using wearable computers and custom made headsets.”

Pac Man collects virtual cookies by walking through them, while Ghosts can “eat” Pac Man by physically trapping him. However, Pac Man can collect power-pills, which are Bluetooth-embedded boxes hidden in the game area to become Super Pac Man


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