For those who’ve owned an NES, cleaning dusty cartridges was a daily struggle, and sometimes, you’d end up with a broken game. What if you could turn them into functional gadgets? Continue reading for a few examples. Click here for first picture in gallery.


What better way to make use of a broken NES cartridge than by turning it into a harmonica? Though we can’t imagine trying to carry this in our pockets. Build your own with these directions.

Samus grab the banjo, we’ll grab the HarmoNESica, tell Snake to bring his mandolin — let’s meet on Shadow Moses Island at sundown for some Brawlin’ good blue bluegrass


NES Cartridge Hard Drive

All you need is an NES cartridge, a laptop hard drive, and a USB/drive converter to make the “Zelda Drive 1.0”. This would make a great addition to any Nintendo collection. Instruction page.

The first thing that you need to do, is get a NES cartridge. Next, you need a laptop drive of some sort. And then you need to get a hold of a USB/drive converter appropriate to the drive you are using


NES Cartridge Clock

A modder decided to make use of an old “Days of Thunder” NES cartridge and turned it into a functional clock — “mounted to a recycled acrylic stand.”

This geeky clock is manufactured from an original Days of Thunder NES cartridge. The clock features black hands and a quartz motor. The clock stands 5 1/4 inches high by 4 1/2 wide



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