There are lots of innovative cell phones available today, but what if Sony Ericsson and other firms decided to design outside the box? Though not all will go into production, they are interesting conversation pieces nonetheless. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Sony Ericsson SeeSaw

Unlike other mobile phone concepts, SeeSaw boasts an ultraslim form factor and a high-contrast OLED display, along with a seesaw-inspired design.

Projection Mobile Phone

Designed by Stefano Casanova, this Windows-powered mobile phone “can project your desktop onto any flat surface.” Great for presentations and watching video clips.

Scroll Cell Phone

Here’s a first: a scroll-inspired cell phone that rolls up when not in use. According to the designer, “all numeric key functions remain tactile running along the side of the scroll as opposed to touchscreen.”

Edge Phone

The Edge phone should top your list if you want a stylish phone. It features an etched glass keypad with LEDs and camera. Best of all, the keypad slides into the case when not in use for added convenience.

Radia Phone

Designed by Michael Laut, the Radia is a futuristic cell phone concept that features a circular touchscreen display and an outer rim — made of brushed aluminum — that makes “a refined professional statement”.

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