For those who love racing and are strapped with cash, you might want to consider the $20,000 Virtual GT or $25,995 Motion-Pro 2. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Motion-Pro 2

With prices starting from $25,995 (single screen), the Motion-Pro II just might be the ultimate home racing simulator. That’s not all, you can also purchase upgrades like a panoramic display system ($12,995), six-speed gated shifter and progressive clutch upgrade ($1,049.95), and even advanced on-site setup/training ($2,995).


Virtual GT

At $20,000 (with 37-inch plasma), the Virtual GT racing simulator features a 500W speaker system, a 4-corner independent suspension, MasterCraft racing seat, force-feedback steering wheel, electronic controls, fully adjustable chassis, and an integrated hands-free intercom system for use in multiplayer mode.


D-Box Motion Code

According to its manufacturer, the D-Box “Motion Code” chair “creates total realism and even captures the surge up to 2 Gs of acceleration. So your interactive experience is intensified like you’re right inside the game.”