It’s not everyday that you see a piano that’s fitted with high-tech gadgetry. Continue reading for more strange pianos.

High-Tech Piano

File this under: “Strange mods from outer space” The above pictured Korg Triton Extreme was fitted with dual monitors, a motorized cabinet, lots of LEDs, and a slew of other electronic parts.

Resourceful tinkerer “Proximasolaris” has put together a piano mod that would make even some Samic owners a bit envious


Virtual Piano

The Virtual Piano uses “a red semiconductor laser module and holographic optical element” to project “a 25-key 2-octave keyboard onto the surface in front of it.” [Source]

World’s Smallest Grand Piano

SEGA Toys has just released the “world’s smallest” grand piano in Japan. Priced at a whopping $549, it’s capable of playing over 100 preloaded songs.

But when you press down on a key with, say, a toothpick, it plays that note through its speaker