Honda’s ASIMO robot isn’t perfect, but it has definitely come a long way since debuting in 1986. Continue reading for the good and bad moments of ASIMO.

Demo Gone Wrong

This is what companies like Honda don’t want to see happen during a product demonstration.

FF to the 1-minute mark to see Honda’s ASIMO robot tumbling down some stairs like someone in the nosebleed seats sniped him with an EMP. If you look closely, you can see its featureless mirrored face shatter on the hard floor of the stage


Demo Gone Wrong…Again

Yes, the Honda ASIMO manages to fall again during a live demonstration.[Source]

Dancing Machine

Honda recently showcased its ASIMO robot at the 2006 Madrid Auto Show — includes a few dance moves. [Source]

Part Time Marathon Runner?

For those who have no clue what an ASIMO is, read on for a short refresher. This new version can run at 6 km/h, greet passerbys, walk hand-in-hand, turn on the spot, and be used in an office.

When Everything Goes Right

Unlike this demonstration, Honda’s ASIMO robot put on a great show at CES 2007 — doesn’t smash his face in.

Witness him run, kick a soccer ball, and handle a set of stairs without falling and smashing his face in


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