Robots can be programmed to do just about anything now days, including opening/pouring a glass of beer. Check out the top five examples after the jump.

5. Beer-Opening LEGO Bot

This beer-opening LEGO/Fishertechnik robot — built by “Ryokale” — may not be as fast as its beer-pouring counterpart, but it’s still a nifty creation none the less and gets the job done.

4. Beer-Pouring Robot Mini

Thought not quite as impressive as its big brother, this beer-pouring /serving robot still manages to get the job done, and quite nicely.

A $60K robot used for stapling, nailing, etc… converted to serve beer at the 10-yr anniversary party for Pneumatic Automations, Inc. Birmingham, AL

3. Asahi Beer Robot

When it comes to pouring beer, nothing beats Asahi’s “Refrigerator Robot”. At the push of a button, this robot will than open a can and pour you a perfect mug of beer every time. It also keeps a six-pack and two mugs chilled for anytime enjoyment.

2. Robotender

Developed by Honeybee Robotics, “Robotender” is the world’s first bartending robot — even asking if you have a designated driver when serving a drink.

…an automated interactive bartending system that utilizes a state-of-the-art fully programmable industrial robot to perform a wide variety of bartending and entertainment tasks and activities


1. Beer-Pouring Robot V.2

Ok, so the first model wasn’t exactly “perfect” or amazing, this new version makes good of all previous shortcomings.