Microsoft isn’t only known for their boring Vista ads, they’ve released some funny commercials over the years, or so we think. Continue reading to view them all.

5. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Ok, Microsoft Flight Simulator X may be a good game, but it isn’t quite as fun as this commercial shows.

4. Microsoft Beta Experience Test

Microsoft has just released an interesting commercial to promote its “Beta Experience” test, and it’s quite amusing to say the least — if only testing products were this simple.

3. Banned Xbox 360 Ad

Microsoft pulled this XBox 360 advertisement because it portrays “mass public violence”.

THIS Xbox 360 ad was developed by Microsof’s marketing machine, but in the end BANNED because it suggests mass public violence (unlike, say, half of the actual Xbox games…)


2. Bill Gates Wants a Coke

Yes, even the richest man in the world needs change for a Coke…in this commercial.

1. Steve Ballmer Sells Windows 1.0

Steve Ballmer uses “diversionary tactics” to sell Windows 1.0 in this amusing infomercial — all for just $99.

Ballmer became Microsoft’s 24th employee on June 11, 1980, the first business manager hired by Gates. He was initially offered a salary of $50,000 as well as a percentage of ownership of the company. When Microsoft was incorporated in 1981, Ballmer owned 8% of the company


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