The PSP isn’t only good for games, you can also use it to control a robot. You’ll find that mod and more in this interesting feature.

5. PSP Analog Joystick

If you hate using the PSP’s D-pad, then check out this nifty analog stick hack. Full instructions here.

This is a totally beautiful piece of art which works by utilizing a DIY mini usb type port to to the psp and a mini usb connector to an Analog Stick , this makes it detachable and adds scope to making different addons (steering wheel)

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4. Nintendo Wii On the PSP

A 16-year old modder managed to get his Nintendo Wii running on the PlayStation Portable, using Sony’s LocationFree Player. Continue reading to watch a demo.

By patching through the PSP to LocationFree and by sticking what looks like a custom made Wii sensor above the console, the PSP can display the Wii’s output using its WiFi to connect to the internet video stream, and a spare Wiimote to control the cursor


3. PSP Steering Wheel Mod

Finally, a more comfortable way to play your favorite racing games on the PSP. This modder wired a “PS2 steering wheel to the handheld’s buttons and analog control” to make it all possible.

As the video after the break shows, the whole setup appears to work reasonably well — or, at least as well as a full-size steering wheel hooked up to a PSP can be expected to work


2. PSP Robot Remote v0.3

Netoo is back at it again, he’s released a version 0.3 of his PSP Robot Remote. This version includes a new graphical menu and other goodies that you’ll see in the video.

1. PSP Motion Sensor

A modder has managed to create a motion sensor for the PSP — running the game Mercury.