We have seen the future, and it’s touchscreen displays. These five displays give us a glimpse at what’s to come. Continue reading to view them all.

Perceptive Pixel’s Multi-Touch Display

This could quite possibly be the largest multi-touch display we’ve ever seen. In this demonstration, you’ll see the user navigate through Google Earth-like software and organize photos.

Interactive Touchscreen Window

Similar to the display from “Minority Report”, this touchscreen window looks normal at first glance, but when switched on, it becomes fully interactive.

EON TouchLight

This system captures movements in 3D space using three video cameras. Practical applications include dynamic marketing displays, product demonstrations, and interactive training experiences.

Mitsubishi DiamondTouch

Developed by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL), this interactive multi-input panel allows users to control games or applications with an array of antennas embedded in the touch surface. Basically, a receiver connected to each user’s chair, gets signals from antennas near the touch point. The displays are available in 32-inch and 42-inch sizes. [image via IGN]

Heliodisplay M2i

IO2Technology has just released a new version of their Heliodisplay multimedia projector called “M2i”, it features a larger 30-inch diagonal (76cm) display area (4:3 aspect), 1600-2200 lumens brightness, 1024 x 768 SXGA resolution, and ‘virtual touchscreen’ controls.

The interactive M2i allows desktop navigation in a PC environment such that floating images or video can be manipulated supporting a ‘virtual’ touchscreen enabling cursor control.

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