Can you really make functional speakers and/or a computer case out of cardboard? Apparently so. You’ll find that and more in this weird list.

Cardboard Speakers

MUJI, best known in Japan for their innovative yet simple products, has come out with speakers made of cardboard and electronic components They ship unfolded in a clear plastic pouch, fold them up, and they are ready to use. Now that’s what I call portability. MoMAstore has them available for puchase now at $42 USD. [Source]

Cardboard PC Case

Lupo Japan introduces a PC case that’s made entirely out of cardboard. The downside to this is if your computer overheats the case will most likely catch on fire and burn all the internal parts to a crisp. There are cutouts on the front of the case for the CD/DVD and floppy disk drives. On the backside, there are several cutouts for the fans, ports, and even a power supply. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come assembled, but rather in perforated cardboard pieces.[Source]

Cardboard SLR Camera

This (Ueba) may be the world’s first cardboard single-lens reflex camera. Unfortunately, instructions weren’t provided on how to build one yourself, but it looks to be well constructed nonetheless.[Source]

Pizza Box Laptop Case

These weird laptop cases are made from genuine, cardboard “Italian-style” pizza boxes and lined with 10mm of foam to offer the least amount of protection possible — for your 14″ or 15″ laptop. For water protection, you’ll need to purchase an additional carrying bag. In a nutshell, you’ll end up buying two cases that offer the least amount of protection for the money.[Source]

Cardboard PS3/Wii

DocCRP, maker of the Nintendo Wii mockup, does it again — this time, he recreated the PlayStation 3 using none other than cardboard.

It’s actually pretty funny to see just how much of a difference both consoles are in terms of size. This kind of thing makes you start to wonder which might look better sittin’ in the ol’ living room


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