Who knew a functional keyboard bag actually existed? You’ll find that and more in this strange list.

Eleksen’s Vista Sideshow Bag

Here’s a first: a gadget bag that “can receive data from the laptop PC either wirelessly through Bluetooth or via the USB connection depending on the application.”

A 2.5 inch LCD display presents the information to the user. Both portrait and landscape configurations can be supported depending on the industrial design requirements. ElekTex fabric controls allow navigation and access to the information stored in the on-board memory cache


Functional Boombox Messenger Bag

Cereallad created this strange yet functional boombox messenger bag for his iBook. Here’s how he made it:

I hollowed out the boombox, added hinges and clasps, created a foam interior, created a strap attachment, and… well, attached a strap. Now it holds my ibook and one or two other books. With rudimentary electronics skills, I wired the boombox to play music from the laptop or from any ipod/walkman/etc that you place inside. I added a small amplifier that I found on some toy speakers to increase the sound volume and quality


Floppy Disk Bag

Now here’s a nifty DIY project that makes good use of all those 3.5-inch floppy disks you have laying around. To make your own, you’ll need a “drill, 1/8” drill bit, pliers, floppy disks (CRUCIAL), links (bits of chain from your local bead store), nails, a plank o’ wood, and a pen. Full instructions here. [Source]

Keyboard Bag

“Steve C.” gives us a hands-on demonstration of Eleksen’s new “smart-fabric” keyboard bag, dubbed the “Carrypad UMPC“.

The design could include larger keys, a curved layout and how about some cool EL graphics. Take that to a trade show and you’ll have a lot of people watching. The keyboard is based on the core Eleksen technology of sensors and switches made from, and integrated into fabrics