It’s not everyday that you see a working computer stuffed inside a whisky bottle, so enjoy these interesting projects, as some just might surprise you.

Sphere PC

This definetley looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It features a Via EPIA Mini-ITX Motherboard, 40GB Hard Drive, 200W Power Supply, and a DVD Drive. The sphere opens up when you need to access the DVD drive, otherwise, it stays closed. This computer is available in two colors (silver/green) and will hopefully be released soon. More pictures here.[Source]


Created by Gizmodo reader Jeff, this VCR case mod is basically a “a Vista Media Center PC [running] on a Celeron D 3.0 with a 250GB hard drive inside.”

The only thing visibly different from the outside is the addition of a fan, and the fact that the VCR slot is actually a disc slot to pop out the DVD drive! Awesome, in a retro way


Waste Basket Computer

A modder from China decided to create the world’s first waste basket PC case. Specifications weren’t released, but you can find out how to build your own here (Chinese).

There’s something satisfying about this trash can PC case mod from a resourceful Chinese enthusiast, putting the PC right where it belongs. I can think of many a long night where I wanted to do much worse to the PCs I’ve encountered


Whisky Bottle PC

When is a whisky bottle not just a whisky bottle? When you manage to stuff a working computer inside it. This casemodder packed a 1.5L Ballantine’s bottle with an Intel P3 733EB processor, 256MB notebook RAM, 40GB hard drive, and 60W mini-ITX power supply unit. To solve cooling problems he drilled several holes at the side panel and glued an old VGA card cooler to the bottleneck. [Source 12]


This nifty R2D2-inspired case mod features a VIA MiniITX M2 1200 motherboard, 1GB of Corsair Value Select RAM, and a 250GB Seagate hard drive. Future plans include:

Overall goal is to be able to drive it around while serving a Battlefield 2 server at the same time. A projector will be installed soon to re-enact R2D2’s hologram projection. Other plans include an LED array on the front that will scroll messages and a sound system with custom software that plays back authentic R2D2 beeps


Futurama Leela Case Mod

Vang1 created this nifty Futurama-inspired case mod, which features a Mini-ITX motherboard, an LCD display on the arm, removable thumb drive, and a webcam integrated into the eyeball. More pictures here. [Source]


One of the most creative case mods we’ve seen, “UAL737” was modeled after a Boeing 737 jet, complete with United Airlines graphics. On the inside, you’ll find an AMD FX55 processor, NVIDIA 7800GT graphics, 1GB RAM, 280GB Western Digital HDDs in RAID, and a slim-line DVD drive.

Took 6 months total to build to completion. Features a Jet7 CPU cooler mounted on the wing that looks like a jet engine – the only non-handmade part. Unfortunately was broken by FedEx Ground during shipment to LanWar