Boring Company Los Angeles

Here’s the first image of the Boring Company’s tunnel currently being bored under Los Angeles. When the system is completed, these underground roadways will transport vehicles to and from destinations using electric tracks, or in other words, a high-speed subway for cars. This particular section will run from the Interstate 405 to Interstate 101 using electric skates to carry vehicles and people pods on the main artery at speeds up to 150 mph, with exit ramps every mile. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The goal is to reduce congestion and speed up travel times, similar in concept and execution to Musk�s supersonic hyperloop concept. Except while the hyperloop remains only an idea of Musk�s that other third-party companies are trying to bring to life, Musk himself has built out the Boring Company from the get go to really test the viability of the idea and lay the initial groundwork for an underground LA system,” reports The Verge.

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