Here’s an interesting first look at the Quaher-313 “Vanquisher”, Iran’s new domestically built stealth fighter jet. According to the Iranian Defense Minister, it “has a unique design [that] can evade radar, [and] it’s also capable of flying at very low altitudes and is designed for short field takeoff and landing. [The craft] is comparable with the most advanced planes in its class.” Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.

Flight Global noted that the Qaher-313 resembles the Boeing Bird of Prey prototype, but with a more faceted design similar to the 1970s-era Lockheed Have Blue that was developed into the now retired F-117 Nighthawk. Flight Global also said, “given the apparent small size of the aircraft and its single engine design, the Qaher 313 could be powered by reverse engineered variants of the General Electric J85 turbojet that Iran is known to have in its possession.” Iran has General Electric J85s as a result of old Northrop F-5s in its inventory.