Pluto Photos

Finally, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has successfully completed its flyby of Pluto, shooting past the dwarf planet at 4:49 a.m. PDT. What you’re looking at above are the first high-res photos beamed back as the spacecraft approached its closest position to Pluto, flying at 28,000mph. New Horizons was approximately 476,000 miles from the surface at the time this photo was taken, but it got as close as 7,500 miles. “It’s truly a mark in human history. Pluto didn’t turn out to be a relatively featureless planet with a foggy nitrogen rich atmosphere as was expected. It has turned out to be a complex and interesting world. For the very first time we know that,” said John Grunsfeld, Nasa’s associate administrator for science from the mission control center at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Continue reading for a NASA video and the image they posted on Instagram.

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