Developed by a Japanese company that Google recently acquired, Schaft is basically a humanoid robot which can walk, climb, use tools and even drive a car. That’s not all, the bot also won a military ‘robo-olympics’ and is set to become the company’s first commercial robot. Standing 1.48m (4ft 11in) tall, the robot utilizes a new high-voltage liquid-cooled motor technology that uses a capacitor, rather a battery, for power, enabling its arms move and pivot at higher speeds than would otherwise be possible, in effect giving it stronger ‘muscles’. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Accoring to The Daily Mail, “Teams from around the world will meet at Fairplex in Pomona to compete for the $2 million prize to be awarded to the team that best demonstrates human-supervised robot technology for disaster response. The DRC is a competition of human-robot systems developed to help emergency personnel respond to natural and man-made disasters.”