Color Comet 67P

Photo credit: Ford Beeblerox / Reddit

Scientists had previously said comet was ‘blacker than charcoal’ following data from the Alice instrument, but today, the first true color image of Comet 67P has been released, showing that it’s actually red. This image was captured by an instrument called Osiris, which is a dual imaging system operating in the visible, near infrared and near ultraviolet wavelength ranges. Continue reading to see what else Philae found on Comet 67P and for more information.

“While [Osiris] doesn’t have colour sensors, it does have filter wheels to allow engineers to select of imaging wavelengths in red, green and blue. Each photo can then be combined to create a ‘true colour’ image. The latest image is blurred because the comet moved between exposures,” says The Daily Mail.


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