Gift of Nothing

Gift of Nothing is exactly like it sounds…a nice pre-packaged half sphere of just air. While the oxygen we breathe is free, this particular item will set you back $8.98, though shipping is free. According to the packaging: “Congratulations! You have received the gift of nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is the ultimate in minimalism. Less is more, more is less. Nothing is precious. Nothing is simple. Nothing is sacred. Open the pack and be enthralled when nothing happens. Allow nothing to flow through your mind and calm your soul. Savor the moment. Soon you’ll discover that nothing really is so much better than something.” Product page. Continue reading for more.

5. Canned Unicorn Meat – $9.99

Canned Unicorn Meat

Canned Unicorn Meat isn’t exactly what you think, as ThinkGeek says, “When you open your can, you will find one tiny unicorn which has been appropriately sliced into its main cuts of meat. Simply use your Growth Ray to re-embiggen the unicorn before skinning it and processing its flesh.” Product page.

4. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure – $14.19

The Crazy Cat Lady has been see in movies, on television, and even on the pages of comic books. However, now you can own the unofficial action figure, which comes complete with 6 cats. A cat lady may also be an animal hoarder who keeps large numbers of cats without having the ability to properly house or care for them. They may be ignorant about their situation. Product page.

3. Bath Buzz Caffeinated Lotion – $20.97

Bath Buzz Caffeinated Lotion is supposedly a “luxurious” lotion with a buzz. Simply use the rosemary-mint lotion the morning to add a radiant glow to your skin while getting a blast of caffeine, leaving your skin tingling with energy. Product page.

2. TheSelfie – $13.72

TheSelfie is essentially a remote shutter release meets selfie stick. Take the cable, plug it into your headphone jack, open up camera mode, and snap a photo! You may then post to Instagram, twitter, Facebook, path, or anywhere else. Product page.

1. 1,500 Live Ladybugs – $8.95

Live Ladybugs

Live ladybugs aren’t uncommon in nature, but being able to buy 1,500 live ones and having them delivered straight to your front door is an entirely different story. The company claims says ladybugs are general predators that feed on a variety of slow-moving insects including Aphids, Moth eggs, Mites, Scales, Thrips, Leaf Hoppers, Mealybugs, Chinch Bugs, Asparagus Beetle larvae, Whitefly and others. Product page.

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