Flappy Fighter

What happens when you combine the 2014 smash hit Flappy Bird with Capcom’s Street Fighter series? You get “Flappy Fighter” of course. Available now on the iOS App Store, it features arcade-style graphics, colorful intros, splash screens, and of course, those crazy knockout animations One caveat: players have to deal with a touchscreen-exclusive interface, but fortunately, you’re only required to dash forward and dash backward. Attacks are executed with four virtual buttons dedicated to one move each. However, a super move, the Shin Flappyken, is activated by simply pressing the health bar once the meter is full. Read more for an extended gameplay video and additional information.

“Flappy Fighter is a surprisingly amazing take on the fighting game genre. Even shrunk down to a mobile platform, its combat system is compelling thanks to the way it simplifies movement and attacks while providing depth for those willing to explore a bit. The controls are tight and responsive, and despite using virtual buttons on a touchscreen, the act of experimenting felt as fun in this game as I’ve found it to be in pretty much every other fighting game I’ve played in recent memory,” reports Kotaku.