Flappy Bird Fortnite Battle Royale Game iOS
What happens when Flappy Bird meets Fortnite? You get the 100-player battle royale game called “Flappy Royale”. How does it work? Well, you compete against 99 other players to see who can survive the longest without crashing into one of the endless pipes. Players can customize their bird, and each level starts off with everyone being dropped off in a bus. Simply tap the screen to make the bird fly higher, or should you get tired and stop tapping, Flappy falls to the ground.

“But, unlike in the original game, you don’t die alone. In Flappy Royale, you die alongside an anonymous mass of other Flappys who are also desperately trying to cling to life. The sound effects are also really funny, and seeing all of the Flappys doing their best against impossible odds is heartwarming as hell. The game’s currently available to check out on iOS, Android, and in your web browser over on itch.io,” reports Kotaku.

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