Now that you know how not to beat Flappy Bird, fans won’t be happy that the game has officially been pulled from the App Store as of today. Before it was taken down, there were over 50-million players spread across both the iOS and Android versions, generating up to $50,000 USD per day in ad revenue alone. Unlike other mega successful titles from players like Rovio Entertainment, which produced the hugely popular Angry Birds game and has hundreds of programmers, Dong Nguyen made Flappy Bird by himself in just a few nights, according to an earlier tweet on Twitter. Continue reading for some of the most popular Flappy Bird videos and more information.

According to The Daily Mail, “Many people have been questioning Dong on Twitter about his decision to take down the game as only a day earlier he had been talking about developing the game for Microsoft’s Windows phones. Dong could not be reached for comment. He had turned his telephone off after cancelling an interview with Reuters on Thursday and not finalizing arrangements for one on Friday.”