When a normal flashlight just isn’t powerful enough, Wicked Lasers’ FlashTorch Mini, touted as the world’s smallest burning flashlight at 8.5-inches, should do the trick. Machined from military-grade anodized aluminum, it has an output of 2300-lumens, powerful enough to set a fire at the campsite to cook up a meal. Three power modes ensure efficiency, while a lock-out mode prevents unauthorized users from causing trouble. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including how to make a glow in the dark skeleton.

5. How to Make a Glow in the Dark Skeleton

4. Tasering a Light Bulb

3. Shooting a $350K Gun

2. Golf Ball Hitting Steel at 150MPH

1. Reclaiming the Armrest