Floppy Disk VCR
H/T: Engadget
What happens when you combine a 3.5″ floppy disk with a VCR? You get this custom floppy disk VCR, called LimaTek Diskmaster. This isn’t just a simple machine that runs basic programs, but rather entire moves in a custom x265 video codec that compresses video to a resolution of 120 x 96 pixels. So far, the entire Shrek movie has been squeezed onto a 1.44 MB floppy, using 1.37 MB of that. Powering this machine is a Raspberry Pi mini computer, which has more than enough processing power for this task. Read more for a video demonstration and additonal information.

I created a floppy disk VCR that plays full length films (like garbage) with the help of a Pi and a custom x265 codec. I call it the LimaTek Diskmaster from r/raspberry_pi

For those who don’t know, the VCR gained mass market traction in 1975. Six major companies were involved in the development of the VCR: RCA, JVC, AMPEX, Matsushita Electric / Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba. Japanese companies Matsushita Electric / Panasonic, JVC, and Sony developed far moretechnically advanced machines with more accurate electronic timers and greater tape duration, thus gained greater market share at the time. The format became so popular by 1979 that there were three competing technical standards using mutually incompatible tape cassettes.

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