Microtech Giant Halo 3X Knife

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks, the $9,000 Microtech Giant Halo 3X Knife definitely lives up to its name. Created in a collaboration between Marfione custom knives, Pete Athens and Walter Brend, this knife has a hand-ground, retractable 14″ Brend tanto blade with a stunning mirror finish and satin flats. The sleek black anodized aluminum handle features a titanium draw bar with carbon fiber inserts. Continue reading for two more videos and more pictures.

“The Marfione Custom HALO V 3X would make an impressive centerpiece for any Microtech collection. As the name implies, the Giant Halo 5 is three times the size of the Regular Halo V! This gargantuan Halo V is set up like a regular Halo in form and function. It has tremendous firing action, so you’ll want to hold on tight,” according to Blade HQ.

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