BEEcosystem Indoor Bees

For those who hate all the maintenance required of a fish aquarium, the BEEcosystem is just for you. Simply put, it’s a hexagonal cedar observational hive that’s “small enough to be manageable in non traditional beekeeping spaces,” but still capable of producing cut-comb honey, complete with a viewing window on the hive to enable you to see the bees at work. A red light filtering cover maintains the bees’ natural cycles irrespective of the home’s artificial lighting. There’s also a transfer tube setup for sliding windows, so bees can leave or enter the hive as they please. “BEEcosystem works well for renters because it features a window exit unit that fits into practically any sliding window’ There’s a tube that the bees crawl through to get outside to fly, then they return through it to get back to the hive. You don’t have to drill a hole in your wall; you just need to mount a bracket,” according to co-founder Mike Zaengle. Continue reading for another video and more information.


“The hive is modular, which means new ones can easily be attached as the colony expands. The BEEcosystem is incredibly user friendly too – the honey bees come pre-installed so all the end user needs to do is mount the hive on a wall using the wall bracket provided. The unit is pretty easy to maintain as well – it has a cleaning drawer that collects debris from the bottom of the hive, while keeping the bees safely away. A top feeder allows bees to be fed when certain flowers are in bloom,” said Oddity Central.


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