Ninja Wallet

Wallet Ninja may look like a credit card at first glance, but it’s oh so much more. It packs 18 tools into 1 flat card, and easily slips into your wallet. To ensure durability and ruggedness, it’s made from from 4x heat treated steel, complete with a lifetime guarantee that it will never rust, bend, or dull. Plus, the Ninja Wallet is TSA approved. Product page. Continue reading for more simple pocket gadgets.

5. Survival Grenade

Survival Grenade

The Survival Grenade should be on every keychain or backpack, as it includes a handful of essential tools, including: 7-feet of paracord to lash, tie, pull apart, etc.; fire starter and tinder to ignite fast and burn hot; knife blade for any cutting job; 2 fishing lines; aluminum foil for signaling, cooking, reflecting heat; alcohol pad for disinfection use Product page.

4. Utility Key Tool

Utility Key Tool

The True Utility Key Tool goes on any standard door key and uses it to increase leverage for the bottle opener as well as the 3 different screwdrivers, including one specially for glasses. There’s also a nail file, nail cleaner, thread cutter and even a pair of tweezers. It measures 2″ long x .8″ wide x .1″ high. Product page.

4. Pocket Chainsaw

Pocket Chainsaw

Supreme Products’ Pocket Chainsaw easily slips into any shirt or pants pocket, and is made of high strength, heat-treated steel that’s been coated for rust resistance. You can assemble it in seconds, and once finished, simply place the chainsaw back into the can. Product page.

2. FireStash Keychain Lighter

FireStash Keychain Lighter

True Utility’s FireStash Keychain Lighter is exactly as it sounds, an unbelievably small waterproof key-ring canister that houses a fully working lighter. Just attach it to your keyring for essential outdoor use, and refill it with standard lighter fluid. It comes in both a dark chrome plated zinc alloy as well as silver. Product page.

1. NomadKey


The NomadKey works with all of the latest Apple iOS devices and fits seamlessly onto your keychain, so you never have to worry about finding your cable or dealing with tangled cords. The compact size is perfect for travelers, commuters, students, and adventurers. MFi certification: meets Apple’s quality and reliability standards. Product page.